Students and emerging designers traveling to Minneapolis to attend “Head, Heart, Hand” can learn from industry legends, mingle with seasoned professionals, share their fresh perspectives and connect with students from across the country.

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Extra conference activities

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Emerging Designers Symposium

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This conference-within-a-conference, curated and moderated by Alissa Walker, writer and A Walker in LA blogger, happens Thursday, October 10 from 12:45–3:30 p.m. and is tailored to students and young designers about to enter the competitive profession of graphic design. Attendees will be inspired, informed and entertained by accomplished designers in all stages of their careers discussing how to make the transition from school to studio and the ups and downs of making it in the real world. The speaker lineup has been announced. The Symposium is free to registered attendees; pre-registration is strongly encouraged and you can sign up here.

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Monotype is a global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise that enable the best user experience and ensure brand integrity. We provide solutions for creative applications and consumer devices. Our libraries are home to many of the most widely used typefaces as well as the next generation of type designs.

Student and Emerging Designer Portfolio Review

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The Student and Emerging Designer Portfolio review takes place on Friday, October 11 from 6:45–8:00 p.m. This is an invaluable opportunity to display your portfolio and receive feedback from and introduce yourself to the famous designers whose work you’ve always admired. Bring either a print portfolio or a laptop with your projects and the software needed to run them. We’ll set you up with a table and chair and direct hundreds of designers your way. Each participant will have half of a 6-foot by 30-inch table for portfolio display. Power will not be provided so be sure to fully charge your laptops before the review. This opportunity is free for AIGA members attending “Head, Heart, Hand”; pre-registration is required and spots are limited, so grab yours while you can!

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IBM is the largest technology company on the planet. We provide critical solutions to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges. IBM Design engages and inspires forward-thinking individuals everywhere to impact humanity in ways that matter and endure. 

Oct. 10, 2013
12:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Faythe Levine, Sign Painters; Alissa Walker, A Walker in LA; Maria Giudice, Facebook, Inc., Hot Studio; Scott Stowell, Open; Colleen Corcoran, Designed by Colleen
Auditorium Room 1, Level One

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The Emerging Designers Symposium, a conference within a conference, is tailored to students and young designers about to enter the competitive profession of graphic design. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged at no additional cost. If you are already registered for the conference, click here to sign up for the symposium.


12:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Auditorium Room 1, Level One

In 1998, I rented an office in Manhattan and put up a sign that said “Open.” A few months ago, Alissa Walker emailed me to ask if I would speak at this conference. This talk is about what happened in-between. When I started out, I wanted to work on my own and make better things. Now I want to work with other people to make things better. Somebody at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum once said that I embrace “an open notion of the term ‘office,’ inviting different participants to every project.” That sounds good to me. As it turns out, everything is connected and everything is an opportunity—if you’re paying attention. So over the last few years, I’ve done a bunch of talks called “Pay Attention.” Every one of them is unique. This one will be no different, except it’ll be the best (and shortest) one yet. Please join me for an overwhelming twenty minutes full of new (and old) stories about new (and old) work from fifteen years of making “design for people.”

12:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Maria Giudice, Facebook, Inc., Hot Studio
Auditorium Room 1, Level One

Designers have moved from being seen as makers of artifacts to central players in innovative organizations. Design is the connective tissue to a new way of thinking and a new way of working in today’s business world. A DEO, or design executive officer, is a combination of strategic business executive and creative problem solver. They see themselves as catalysts for transformation and as agents of cultural change. With this perspective and these abilities, the DEO looks at business problems as design problems, solvable through the right mix of imagination and metrics. In this discussion, we’ll explore the mindsets, processes and practices common to creative business leaders. We’ll untangle the characteristics and qualities that distinguish great creative leaders from their non-creative counterparts, and you’ll learn how to uncover your own skills as a creative leader within your organization.

12:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Colleen Corcoran, Designed by Colleen
Auditorium Room 1, Level One

How can graphic design make cities better and more enjoyable places to live—and in turn make humans better inhabiters of these cities? Not by shaming people into changing their lifestyles but by using narrative, humor and visual communication to demonstrate that a politically and socially engaged, environmentally friendly and active lifestyle can, in fact, be easy and more fun. Colleen Corcoran will present several case studies of community organizations she works with in Los Angeles who, each in their own way, are creating a better urban experience for the people living there. These organizations are using graphic design to engage both policy-makers and the public in unconventional ways, thus creating effective and permanent change in their communities. 

12:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Faythe Levine, Sign Painters
Auditorium Room 1, Level One

Multidisciplinary artist Faythe Levine presents a visual tour of her work as an independent researcher, curator and documentarian from the past ten years. Her presentation will include stories and behind-the-scenes photographs of her current projects, including her most recent book and documentary, Sign Painters; an ongoing photo essay project about alternative land projects; and a barely established research project about Mimi Garneau, a sword swallower from the early twentieth century. Levine will also discuss her work as a curator and the projects she has orchestrated, including large-scale installations, craft fairs and “happenings.” Learning to play creative matchmaker, finding inspiration around her and connecting the dots are all part of Levine’s process.

Oct. 11, 2013
6:45 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Design Fair

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If you're a student, display your portfolio in the Student Portfolio Review or, if you have some years of experience under your belt, stop by to provide your valuable feedback to an emerging designer.